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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is planning permission required?

    90% of attic conversions will not comply as a habitable accommodation as the ceiling height is two low. If you do not wish to go through planning, your attic will have all its windows at the back of the house and it will be certified as non-habitable accommodation. However, if you have the height and you would like to get your attic certified as a habitable accommodation we can arrange that.

  • Can my attic be converted?

    Yes, every attic can be converted. It just depends on whether you can stand up in it. If so, it might be worth converting. The average house is no more than 20 to 22 feet (6 to 6.6 metres) wide so we can use a steel structure. Houses that are bigger than this or timber framed houses will need a special design for the structure which we will be happy to design for you.

  • Do I need drawings?

    You don't need drawings! However, if you are not sure about converting your attic or you can't visualise the finished product it may be worth while getting drawings for piece of mind. We can arrange this for you.

  • Can I have a dormer?

    You will need to get planning permission for a dormer and the extra cost will depend on the size, style and finish. Again, we can arrange this for you.

  • Certificate of Compliance

    All attic conversions should have a Certificate of Compliance.

    1.) To make sure the work is structurally sound.

    2.) If you ever want to sell your house, you will need a Certificate of Compliance WARNING: If an attic company does not provide a Certificate of Compliance with their work, DO NOT USE THEM. Any reputable attic conversion company will have no trouble getting an architect to certify their work.

  • Can I call my attic room a bedroom?

    No, without planning permission (which 90% of houses will not get) it will be a non-habitable room, even though it may be the best room in the house. If you have a 3 bedroom home with an attic conversion it will be sold as a 3 bedroom home with an attic conversion and the buyers can make up their own mind.

  • If I have a large attic, can I make it a bedroom?

    Yes. We will be happy to get an architect out to arrange an application for planning permission for you.

  • What is not included in the price of the conversion?

    Painting & decorating are not included in Advanced Attics conversion price. Also, we do not get involved in tiling, so therefore, the tiles and shower door will not be included in the price if you are adding an Ensuite. However, we can recommend a good tiler that will be happy to provide you with a quote.

  • Stairs Enquiries

    We always like to keep the new stairs close to regulation as possible. However, most of the time this is not an option as it would eat in to another room too much. The most popular stairs for attics are 700 mm wide with a 200 to 255 mm rise and a 200 to 255 mm tread. We will design the best stairs to suit your house using the same handrail as that on the original stairs so that it looks like it was there from day one.

  • Size of room

    The width an attic differs from house to house. The average width of a house is usually 18 to 20 foot and will not change. So, if your attic is:

    * 6 to 7 foot high, the attic room will usually be 12 foot wide
    * 7 to 8 foot high, the attic room will usually be 14 foot wide
    * 8 to 9 foot high, the attic room will usually be 16 foot wide

  • Cost Enquiries

    We have many packages, styles and finishes. Standard attic conversions start from €15,000 (including VAT@13.5%).

  • Ensuite Enquiries

    All attic conversions can have an Ensuite in it but will cost an additional €3000 upwards. We would recommend that you do not add an Ensuite to your attic conversion if your finish height is less than 7 foot, as it would not look well or be practical.

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